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AdMaxTV is a creative digital agency specializing in Video Marketing for Television and Internet audiences.

We firmly believe that Video and Animations are the highest form of communication with the ability to convey complex information and emotions at a glance.


What We Do.

We listen to your needs, then we analyze the market and formulate a strategy fine tuned to give you the highest return on your advertising dollar. Additionally, we unleash our decades of experience and talent to create your amazing video message.


Video and Cinematography visually convey rich human experiences and emotion. Whether it is capturing that special tender moment or exposing raw and intense adrenaline fueled excitement, we know what you need for the result you want to transmit.


Unlike traditional "cartoons", computers have ushered in a whole new realm of 2D and 3D animation. Its absolutely the best ways to explain complex ideas or purely conceptual designs. It can be integrated into Video to give you exciting new layers of detail for the ultimate in viewer retention and comprehension.


Do you need more than a stock audio file? Let us custom make your unique jingle or compose a score for your project. Radio, TV, Internet, or Recorded, we have the talent to make your Voice Over, Song, Instructional Tutorial, or Sound FX that puts your production over the top.


This is what sets us apart from all the other Production Companies. We not only make broadcast quality videos, we actually have them broadcast to the masses. As an agency we have direct contact with Networks, Media Buyers, and Cable providers so we can place your ad in the most optimal slot. We also have numerous digital outlets to get thousands of eyeball to view your video.

Flagler County

Economic Development showcase and potential industrial opportunities are illustrated using a mixture of arial photography and 3D animation.


Builders Stainless

Stainless Steel Hardware. On-site footage with aerial drone footage shot in 4k was aired in NE Florida coastal for Shark Week 2017


DS Ware Homes

DS Ware Model Home Video featuring Inga J. Model and integrated Drone footage at Shearwater


Moxinal Pharmaceutical

A mixture of Green-screen, 3D animation, camera track, motion graphics, VFX, and audio mastering. We also work with actors and models.


Flexibin Trash Receptical

Australian made Flexibin is an according-like rubbish bin designed to living up your space with bright colors and adjustable size.


Great Florida Insurance

Great Florida Insurance with over 100 locations in Florida, what better way to show offices popping up all over the place.


Mr. Beams LED Lighting Solutions

Mr. Beams manufactures a wide array of LED lighting devices which are WiFi controlled. Integrates into popular voice operated security systems. Mr. Beams needed an upscale sales presentation animation for sales meetings.


Moxie Cosmetics

Another awesome example of Green-screen, 3D modeling, live action, camera track, motion graphics, VFX, and audio mastering with professional Voice Actor. Our software has fluid dynamics, smoke simulations, and particle physics.


Maxon C4D Contest

10 second contest for Maxon C4D "Winter Slalom Challenge" - Won the "LOL Award". Created with Maxon C4D Lite, and Adobe After Effects CC. This project shows how much infomation can be packed into 10 seconds of runtime.


The Big Game Show

Intro for a LIVE trivia performance held at conventions and corporate meetings throughout the U.S.



  • I've been an artist all my life. I've always enjoyed telling stories visually. Animation is the most comprehensive form of art I know of. More and more animation has become a part of our lives especially in our age of information where many ideas are purely conceptual and complex.

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    James Scott Animator / Designer
  • I love working with people and creating beautiful imagery. I have an affinity for photography, modeling, and acting. Let me represent your product and ideas on film.

    Author image
    Inga Airumi Sales / Modeling / Acting


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